Untitled (2021)


Untitled, 无题


Pencil on paper and C-print, writing by Phung Vo
纸上铅笔,彩色照片,由Phung Vo 书写

45 × 32 × 3.7 cm (framed装框尺寸)


This collage is part of a new series Danh Vo just started that focuses on flowers. In an effort to find a new form of simplicity, Vo decided to dedicate his energy to the beauty of flowers, growing a new garden around his studio at Güldenhof, an old farm in Brandenburg outside Berlin. He wanted to feel closer to these flowers and he challenged himself to get to know their names and be able to recognize them. The flowers were photographed on the farm; the C-prints are glued on paper and labelled in pencil with their Latin name by his father. The works have an encyclopedic aura, like pages plucked from a large book and framed. This presentation along with the Latin names shows how we index and formulate nature according to our own values. In the names there is a history of global exchange, colonialism, and power, but also of aesthetics, utility, and cross fertilization. For Vo, nurturing the garden becomes a practical and symbolic liberation in the creative process.


Untitled (2021) at Danh Vo @ Re-space (December 2021)

“无题”(2021) ,傅丹@回空间现场 (2021年12月)


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