Untitled (2020)



Untitled 无题


Cedar wood structure and plants 杉木结构和植物

500 × 600 × 600 cm


The structure of Untitled (2020) is drawn from the architecture of the Dong (Kam) people, a minority population found in the hills bordering the Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi. On a visit to the region, Vo was charmed by these simple pavilions, found on the edges of fields and roads, used by farmers, children and townsfolk as gathering places, or simply to shelter from the sun and rain. The region is rich in pine forests, and the pavilions are constructed with fine cedar. A distinctive feature is their hanging central column, which allows for more height within the space, supported by six beams that intersect with six outer pillars, all held together by the traditional building technique of tenons and mortise links. Vo has featured a variety of versions in exhibitions since 2018, for the viewer they function as communal refuges from the often austere, even corporate, context of institutional contemporary art. A flexible and adaptable structure, the pavilion is left unfinished, without a roof, exposing its inner intricacy and enabling the work to host a cornucopia of vibrant plants. 


《无题》(2020)的结构取材于侗族建筑。傅丹在访问侗寨时被当地造型简洁的亭子所吸引。这些亭子通常建在田野和道路的边缘,是村民、儿童和镇民的聚集地,也是他们日常遮阳避雨的地方。侗族的亭台楼阁以本地出产的优质杉木建造,显著特点包括悬挂着的支撑整个空间高度的梁柱,这根梁柱由与六根外柱相交的六根横梁支撑,所有柱子都通过中国传统的榫卯技术连接在一起。2018 年以来,傅丹在不同的展览中展出了这件作品的不同型式,作品的整体结构灵活且可塑性强。亭子的屋顶保持通透,可以让人更好地看到内部结体的精妙,也让享子成为一个可以承接多种植物的结构。


Untitled (2020) at Danh Vo @ Re-space (December 2021)

无题”(2020),傅丹@回空间现场 (2021年12月)


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